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Biryanitarian – Best biryani In Chennai?

What is “Biryanitarian”?

We, as Biryani lovers, have been on the hunt for perfect Biryani, and we always called our fellow biryani lovers “Biryanitarian”. So to help ourselves and all the Biryanitarians, we decided to launch Biryanitarian as a medium of connection between biryani and biryani lovers. Biryanitarian is the best place to find Muslim style Bhai Biryani that you’ll love. We have Biryani for everyone from Celebration Pack, Royal Pack, and Standard Packs. You can now enjoy Our Mutton biryani and Chicken Biryani biryani delivered at your doorstep, Order Biryani Online.

“There’s no sincere love than the love of Biryani.”


While there are many types of Biryani globally, ‘South Indian’ cuisine has had the best Biryani. At Biryanitarian, we add more than 12 unique spices to our Biryani, making its taste exceptionally unique. 

Biryani is love

It has always been close to impossible to find the perfect Biryani. Most of us are even ready to sacrifice our lives to find ‘Bhai’ friends who can feast us on the perfect Bhai Biryani. We went through these things just like most of you. That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands. What did we do, you ask? We launched Biryanitarian.

Where does Biryani come from? 

Biryani has travelled a long way before reaching and has a history of heritage as rich as its taste. Among many legends, it is believed that Biryani was a dish prepared after Mumtaz from the Mughal Empire suggested that rice is prepared along with the meat for the soldiers as they looked undernourished.

The Mughals then brought this delicious meal from Persia to our plates in India. However, after reaching India, Biryani has taken many forms, from Mughal Biryani to Bangalorean Biryani. And among them, Hyderabadi Biryani has been one of the most favourites. 

Learn more about it from our blog on History Of Biryani.

Is Biryani the king of all dishes? 

“Biryani” is a word that brings a smile to millions of faces, Happiness to many hearts, a feast to many families, and fills tummies with love. As they say, “Biryani is not just a word, it’s an emotion”, and Biryani does bring out the emotions of all Biryani lovers who can fondly call themselves “Biryanitarians”.

“Happiness is….. tasting the perfect biryani.” 

Biryani is one of the very few delicacies that unites friends and families by providing a chance to have a happy feast together. However, in the past few years, the pandemic has brought distance among many other things between loved ones. 

How is Biryani uniting people amid the pandemic?

Despite all these distances, Biryani has made its way to uniting people with one another. 

Wondering how? “Biryanitarian” is your answer!

With Biryanitarian, many Biryani lovers started gifting Biryani to their loved ones as a token for their love. Most of our dear clients preferred to surprise their families and friends with finger-licking delicious Biryani from Biryanitarian. So, what’s stopping you? Order Biryani Online and Give your family and loved ones the feast of joy!

Why choose Biryanitarian?

The only goal of every biryani lover is to either find a ‘Bai’ friend who will gift them Biryani on festivals or sacrifice their life in search of the best Biryani. But, to help you not go to such extremes and let you taste amazing Biryani. Biryanitarian is here with the Best Biryani In Chennai!

Biryanitarian Sanitized Safe Delivery

Satisfy your taste buds with our unique spices to make the flavours dance on your tongue. We, as biryani lovers, are entirely focused on making our kitchen the cleanest in the city. Amid the pandemic, we prioritize regular sanitization and hygiene maintenance of our food materials and chefs. We have Biryani for everyone from Celebration Pack, Royal Pack, and Standard Packs. You can now enjoy Our Mutton biryani and Chicken Biryani biryani delivered at your doorstep.

If you would like to know more about our founders, visit their profiles on Shiva Kumar, Nawaz Baig, and Karthi Jaygee.

What makes Biryanitarian stand out from others?

Biryanitarian has been in the market for more than 12 years and has experience satisfying the needs of our clients beyond their expectations. We at present are serving 500+ clients on an everyday basis. Serving the best biryani in Chennai

Our Biryani is 100% tasty and has a unique taste with a combination of traditional spices and modern technology filled with 12+ ingredients. We are not just biryani makers but also biryani lovers ourselves, and we had to take matters into our own hands to solve the universal biryani issues. That is why we solved all our problems by launching the Biryanitarian. 

What does Biryanitarian deliver along with Biryani? 

First of all, we at Biryanitarian deliver a lot of love along with the Biryani. But that’s not all! We know that Biryani feels incomplete without Raita and Brinjal Curry. That is why we serve them both. Raita brings in the cold-sweet flavour, and Brinjal curry adds extra spiciness. By the end, this perfect combination balances out all the flavours. 

“Biryani is nothing but just a state of happiness.” 

Biryanitarian Order Biryani Online
Biryanitarian – Order Biryani Online

And while delivering this combo, we make sure we show you some extra love by adding chicken 65 to the already perfect food combination. As true Biryani lovers, we also understand that it is necessary to have some sweetness after a delicious feast, so we make sure to send our bread halwa that is made with utmost care for all you Biryanitarians. 

When and how can you order from Biryanitarian?

When should never be a question because you can order from us whenever you like, think of Biryani, and we arrive. To us, size doesn’t matter at all, just like it shouldn’t to any of you, which is why we have Biryani for everyone. Mutton Biryani and Chicken Biryani in all sizes from Celebration Pack, Royal Pack, and Standard Packs. You can now enjoy our delivery at your doorstep, Download Our Android App and Order biryani Online.

Whatever be the occasion, from wedding receptions to family gatherings, Biriyanitarian has got your back. Let nothing stop you from ordering delicious, mouth-watering Biryani for your loved ones. 

Biryanitarian, one of Chennai’s most loved Biryani, provides hassle-free and responsive services. End your never-ending hunt for the perfect biriyani because the treasure is here. 

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